Presently Department of Chemical Engineering has sufficient infrastructure for running B.Tech. Chemical Engineering in terms of specialized state of art laboratories such as Chemical Engg. Lab.-I (Heat Transfer & Chemical Reaction Engg.), Chemical Engg. Lab.-II (Fluid Machanics & Mass Transfer), Chemical Engg. Lab.-III, Instrumentation Lab. Process Simulation Lab. and Research Lab.

The list of some major instruments/equipment (lab wise) in the Department is given below:


 Chemical Engg. Lab.-I

1.  Isothermal Batch Reactor 
2.  Plug Flow Reactor (Straight Tube)
3.  Plug Flow Reactor (Coil Type)
4.  RTD Studies Plug Flow Reactor (Coil Tube Type)
5.  Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)
6.  Shell & Tube Heat exchanger
7.  Vertical and Horizontal Condenser 
8.  Fin Tube Heat Exchanger  
9.  Forced Draft Tray Dryer
10.  Drag Coefficient System
11.  Aeration Unit System
12.  Heat Transfer in Agitated Vessel



 Chemical Engg. Lab.-II

1.  Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium System 
2.  Liquid-Liquid Extraction System
3.  Steam Distillation System  
4.  Continuous Packed Bed Distillation Column
5.  Solid in Air Diffusion System
6.  Ball Mill (Constant Speed)
7.  Ball Mill (Variable Speed)
8.  Jaw Crusher
9.  Roll Crusher
10.  Gyratory Sieve Shaker with Test sieves 
11.  Pressure drop due to various kind of fitting  
12.  Pressure drop due to frictional losses
13.  Centrifugal Pump Test Rig (Constant Speed)
14.  Centrifugal Pump Test Rig (Variable Speed)
15.  Adsorption in Packed Bed
16.  Rotary Vacuum Filter

C.  Chemical Engg. Lab.-III

This lab. is provided with the instruments/equipments required for the basic analytical analysis.


 Instrumentation Lab.

1.  Time Constant of Thermocouple and Thermometer  
2.  Time Constant of Manometer
3.  Refractometer 
4.  Digital Tachometer
5.  Trainer for Temperature Control
6.  Trainer for Pressure Control
7.  Trainer for Level Control
8.  Trainer for Flow Control
9.  Microprocessor Based Conductivity / TDS meter
10.  Digital Electronic Weighing Balance  
11.  Digital PH Meter
12.  Distilled Water Unit 

E.  Process Simulation Lab.

Process Simulation Lab provides an overview of working of equipments and helps in solving flow-sheets by using simulation software. The lab is also equipped with other softwares; the lab is having a capacity of 50 students.

The advanced software used, are given as below:

  1.   Pro-Simulator
3. UNISIM Design
4. OLI Analyzer
5. TK Solver
6. AFT Fathom




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