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BID is a unique institution that combines traditional heritage with present day needs of design education. With a vision of imparting design education and developing entrepreneurial skills among the women, the foundation of BID has been laid down in the year 2009. BID was earlier operating as Textile Designing under the Faculty of Fine Arts. Textile Designing was first introduced as a subject in Bachelor's programme of Banasthali University. Later on Post Graduate Diploma in Textile Designing was started. Increasing demand and popularity of the subject led the Vidyapith to start the Postgraduate Degree programme (M.A. Textile Designing) in the year 2005. The Union Cabinet, Govt. of India approved the National Design Policy on 8 Feb. 2007. The Design policy has emphasised the need of spreading quality design education by setting up design institutes in different parts of India. Realising the strategic importance of design for national and industrial competitiveness, Banasthali upgradded the Department of Textile Design to BID in 2009. It has been imparting specialized and industrially relevant education and preparing professionals for the fast changing world of Fashion and Lifestyle Design and Communication Design. It provides an interactive learning process which can meet societal needs and value local knowledge systems for a larger understanding of human potential and dignity. Design students, being highly intuitive, are attracted to the world of design by its freedom of thought, creativity and opportunities for innovation.At present courses offered by BID are as following:

B.Des. Fashion & Lifestyle Design

B.Des. Communication Design

B.A. Textile Designing


M.A. Textile Design (Weaving/Printing)


We focus on collaborative design thinking by developing contacts across the design sector in caontacts with industry. The challenges of today's world mean that designers need to see the big picture, communicate clearly and work with others to innovate. Our Design Programme support students from a range of different design, craft and related disciplines to discover, define and develop their skills to position themselves to make an impact on the world. Students use new tools and methods to explore new contexts in which their skills can be applied.  By reflecting on their own practice and the work of others, students reposition themselves and chart out a journey through research and project work towards their future career.

Formal design education equips the designers with the skills to research, develop, evaluate and communicate design solutions, enables to articulate the particular skills of the designer through observation, visualization and embodiment of ideas. We explore through hands - on design projects and case studies the ways in which design practices creatively engage with new trends in society, the ways in which people (users) shape design practices. BID provides with insight into the use and application of both traditional visualisation and communication techniques and new social media and disseminate through exhibition, web and other appropriate means. Multi-disciplinary studio environment encourages group work and transfer of knowledge. Workshops, lectures and seminars are given by nationally and internationally renowned experts from design, art, psychology, computing, business and a range of other disciplines. 

Creativity can be used to design products, to visualize design solutions and to tackle social issues. Our students work individually  and in teams to share  expertise and knowledge. Design industry professionals and leading academicians introduce a wide range of methods, tools and strategies to help students position themselves as design leaders.

We're interested in providing tools for designers to navigate from where they are now to where they would like to be. We try to develop a problem-solving attitude and a mobilize efforts in a focused manner. We encourage students to explore how they can use and enhance their skills to impact on the world in a positive way through design. We empower the students to unleash their natural potential so that they grow throughout their life in a meaningful way.