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About Us

The School of Architecture& Planning is a new venture at Banasthali Vidyapith offering a full-time 5-year degree program, approved by COUNCIL OF ARCHITECTURE, New Delhi. The inception of the school was done to provide the students of architecture with much-needed quality education with the help of modern infrastructure, tools, and equipment so that the students can produce more innovative & sustainable design solutions to fulfill societal and professional obligations. The students will be trained for hands-on experience in architecturalfield.

The School of Architecture also offers a wide range of elective courses in the field of applied and fine arts, technology, project management, structural systems, green buildings & rating systems, the latest software used in the Architecture & Planning field, sustainability, conservation, advance construction techniques, etc, in keeping with the need of the hour.

Banasthali Vidyapith has provided a top-notch infrastructure that is equipped with the most modern tools and equipment. The School features sophisticated workshops/ laboratories as prescribed by the Council of Architecture such as Carpentry Workshop, Environmental Lab, Surveying Lab, Computer Labs, Material Testing Lab, etc.

The studios and lecture halls are well equipped with audio-visual facilities, students lockers, sufficient drafting tables. The library is well equipped with 1075 books, 8 international architectural journals, 4 international architectural magazines, 11 general magazines &22 online e-resources.

The B. Arch program during its five years span offers students a wide range of courses to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge, not only in the field of architecture but also in allied fields. This will enable them to choose appropriate courses in their P.G. studies and professional practice.

The main objectives of the B. Arch Program are:

 1. Empower women as professional architects, entrepreneurs, educators, etc.
 2. Prepare students for contemporary architectural practices, keeping them deeply rooted in the Indian culture.
 3. Enable students to connect to the global market trends in the field of architecture.
 4. Studio-based exercises to focus on Learning by Doing, to build up a high level of confidence in students.
 5. Prepare students as team leaders in the field of construction and allied activities.
 6. The students will be motivated to prepare sustainable architectural design solutions, responding to socio-cultural, socio-economic, and environmental aspects.
 7. The students will be encouraged to carry out research-based activities, even for a small topic of their academic subject.


Programme offered

1.          B. Arch (Bachelor of Architecture)

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List of Teaching Faculty

S. No.

Name of Faculty




Er. Anil Garhwal

Assistant Professor

B.Tech., M.Tech.


Ar. Ashwani Kumar Rawat

Assistant Professor

B.Arch.,  M.Plan., PGDJMC


Ar. Uzair Khan

Assistant Professor

B.Arch., M.Arch.


Ar. Vivek Karelia

Assistant Professor



Ar. Vivek Kumar

Associate Professor

B.Arch., M.U.R.P.


Infrastructure and Facilities

1.          Carpentry Lab

2.          Metal Fabrication Workshop

3.          Construction Yard

4.          Environment Lab

5.          Surveying Lab

6.          Photography Lab

7.          Material Testing Lab

8.          Material Museum

9.          Computer Lab -1

10.        Computer Lab - 2

11.        Stationery Shop

12.        Studios (9nos)

13.        Lecture Halls (4nos)

14.        Faculty Rooms (12nos)

15.        HOD Office

16.        Admin Office

17.        Library & Reading Hall

18.        Conference Room

19.        UPS & Server Room

20.        Student's Common Room

21.        Storeroom


Arch Arch
Arch Arch

Contact Us

Head, School of Architecture & Planning: Prof. Ar. Yogesh Gandevikar

Banasthali Vidyapith, Banasthali-304022, India

Office: + 91 8306002433

Email Id: