The entire University campus is networked through optical fibre and powerful layer 3 and layer 2 (managed & unmanaged) switches and Cisco 1700, 1800 and 2620 routers housed at the Apaji Institute. The network is secured through a hardware firewall. Presently Banasthali University has a 2 Mbps leased line Internet connectivity from BSNL, Jaipur, 4 Mbps from VSNL, 4 Mbps from Reliance Info and another 1 Gbps link to university under NMEICT project. The institute maintains its own mail server and Lotus Domino based Internal Messaging System and connected to Banasthali Domino server through web. The University is the first in Rajasthan and perhaps the second in India to provide 24 hours Network and Internet access to all its PG students in their hostel rooms. This facility is now provided in 8 hostels. For this, the OFC is extended to the respective hostels. In addition the institute runs a lab of 70 Internet ready nodes to provide internet access to all students, researchers and faculty of Banasthali University.

A PC is provided with Internet in every hostel room for PG students currently residing in Shri Shanta Niveshanam, Shri Shanta Aziram, Shri Shanta Vasam, Shri Shanta Ayanam, Shri Shanta Pattnam, Shri Shanta Bhuvnam, Shri Shanta Nagram, Shri Shanta Gram, Shri Shanta Puri, Shri Shanta Nigam and Shri Shanta Peetham having CAT5, CAT6 and CAT6E cabling within the hostel building. The PC in a room is to be shared by all inmates. All those who wish to participate in the scheme and have a PC with Internet in their hostel room are paying a security deposit of Rs.10,000/- through DD/cheque drawn in favour of "Banasthali Vidyapith - A/c AIM&ACT". It helps the institute part-finance the project as the institute invested heavily in extending the network, whereas the PCs, UPS etc. procured through these deposits. This (interest-free) deposit is refunded along with the other security deposit at the time of withdrawal.